Saturday, February 17, 2018
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red alert area warning

Our crime reporter writes that in the Red Light area of the city, despite the raids, the trade continues even if on a reduced scale. But there were two things in that report which attracted my attention. One of these was the trend of educating the female children of the prostitutes so that when they grow up and follow the family profession, they may be sent abroad , say to Dubai, where an educated call girl would attract greater attention  and earn fabulous money.

This is a revelation and it should be pursued. I am saying this because in the past on several occasions we have come across statement of whores telling us that they are trying to provide good education ro their female children  so that they may lead a respectable life later. But they have never given any account of the girls who got educated, where they have gone and settled. One never hears them say that their girls had left the zone and were working elsewhere and earning money respectfully. That substantiates the market rumour that they are despatched to  Dubai to attract bigger and wealthier customers.
Incidentally, prostitution is banned. Soliciting customers to bed is liable to attract fine and jail. But here in the Red Light area a notice boldly displayed says in Hindi that in this Red Light area the entry of children and army jawans is banned. Doesn’t that imply that the hoarding by implication is suggesting that others can come and go as they like? Long ago in the movie Sadhna, Vyjantimala, donning the role of a nautch girl had called out to customers through a song, ‘Kahoji tum kya kya khareedo ge, yahan to har cheez bikta hai  kaho ji tum kya kya khareedo ge,’
Despite the ban on teenagers and army jawans, one does see them hovering round the areas. These lads might  or might not have entered the dens of sex. But the very fact that they are seen flocking around  indicates that they could be  waiting for an  opportunity to have the forbidden apple, not realizing that this is not the apple which will keep the doctor away but this forbidden apple can infect you with AIDS and serve you with plenty of venereal diseases that  could land you in trouble

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