Thursday, January 18, 2018
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drunkard sketch

If the Civil Lines area turns into a drunkards’ paradise late in the evening, more than the drunkards it is the administration that is to blame. When roadside pubs were opened the idea presumably was to boost excise earnings. But no one then thought of the adverse  consequences of this move.

The result is that now any young man stops by the roadside, purchases the drinks of his choice and indulges in a boozing session with friends. At times the drunkards lose balance and so the erstwhile friends turn into enemies. They come to blows. Some of them open fire too.  
This must stop. How can we permit our young men to go astray like this? In the decades gone by liquor was sold in selected shops, never on the roadside. And young men would rarely be caught
Many people have demanded that public sale of liquor be stopped immediately, The way the morals of the youth are tumbling, there should be awakening in society which should put a ban on this easy availability o\of drinks.

I need hardly stress that these pubs are responsible for the spread of the drinks culture in the city.  Drinks lead to other things. They say that after sharab, young men want both ‘shabab’ and ‘kabob’. There have been instances when such vagabonds, on  seeing  a girl  moving all alone in Civil Lines, are tempted to abduct  her . At times she has been abducted, Sometimes four sex hounds are there in the car, deadly drunk. The girls, after they somehow manage to flee from the clutches  of the sex maniacs, reveal how they were kidnapped, repeatedly seduced and then threatened to kill them  should they report the matter to police.
Some cases are reported, some are not. But all this is happening because, with liquor inside them, these young men loses senses, lose all decency and decorum and then disgrace themselves by doing something in a savage like manner. They could never have thought of doing such a thing had they been sober. That is why I appeal to the administration that in the interest of maintaining law and order the authorities concerned should ban the sale from roadside pubs without delay.

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