Thursday, January 18, 2018
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drink and drive sketch

There are certain points in Civil Lines which have become notorious for scuffles that take place among drunkards. They might be friends otherwise but when they have taken a drink too many they lose balance and very often come to blows. Matters do not end there. There is gunfire too.

The police is informed and then it reaches the spot. But by that time the trouble makers have fled only the trouble shooters remain,
I would like to suggest to the authorities concerned that at such trouble points they must post policemen on duty so that in case there is even a minor brawl the matter can be nipped in the bud.  Why such notorious spots have been neglected from the point of view of maintenance of law and order is a mystery.
Incidentally, there are complaints about drivers being drunk. This is usually said in the case of truckers who have to travel for a long, long time continuously. To overcome fatigue they take to drinks. But they create a problem on the national highways where the highway cops should take care of them.
But in city the drinking sessions take place at these pubs and thereafter some of the drunkards drive their vehicles in that state. If cops are posted near such spots, they can easily nab such drunkards before they start engines of their cars. Instead of chasing the drivers under the influence of liquor they  should be  nabbed at the pubs before they board their vehicles. That  would be much easier . The cops apparently don’t do that  because in a public place they will not be able to blackmail the drunkard into parting money to escape penal action.
Let the drunkards be nabbed at these pubs  before they can start their vehicles. That would result in two things. First boozing by vehicle owners would be substantially reduced and secondly the law breakers will easily be nabbed at the spot. When things are as easy as that, why not swing into action that way?

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