Saturday, February 17, 2018
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That’s it. Just wonderful to see a doctor sharing the festival joy with his patients! It is rare but it is exemplary no doubt.  When we contrast this with how the patients are treated elsewhere—sometimes with fists, sometimes with kicks and sometimes thrown out of bed if they cry too much in pain—then we can appreciate the nobility of a good act.

I am talking about cancer  specialist, Padmashri Dr B.Paul, who will be leaving soon for  Bangalore to celebrate X’Mas there. But before leaving for his home state he is making his patients feel at home in the hospital itself.
Dr Paul will be  celebrating Christmas with patients admitted in hospital. The children admitted in the hospital are in for a special treat.  Apart from cakes, they will get gifts too as also chocolates. Incidentally,  his better half, Mrs Mary Paul, is baking special cakes at home. These will indeed be a treat because they would carry with them the love of the mother too. All the best to the Doctor couple.
Christmas has been and is being celebrated in different English medium schools in advance. Mary Lucas have done it. And GHS, BHS and Holy Trinity School are having a combined celebration on December 17. On this occasion the three schools will jointly present a special Christmas programme ;Moonlight and Misletoe.  The hostess , Dr Vinita Eusebius is leaving no stone unturned to make the evening a memorable ones.
Other schools are also celebrating Christmas. Our good wishes to all of them.

Meanwhile Christmas households are busy making preparations for the grand occasion. They usually have their cakes baked at some baker’s. This is an old tradition. The baker is given all ingredients and he makes the cake to order. Hence each cake has the stamp of the family’s flavour.
But of late, some housewives have started making cakes at home in the electric ovens. They say it is cheaper and better to do so. They start baking cakes quite a few days in advance. The ingredients contained therein act as preservatives so that they never become stale. I wish all housewives the best of baking luck!

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