Thursday, January 18, 2018
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University teachers affiliated to AUTA have finally called off their strike and have now decided to take classes from today but continue with their protests in other ways. Couldn’t they do so earlier?

And while condemning the assault on teachers, we would nevertheless want to know why no sympathy was shown to  the disabled student who was trying to bravely fight his physical deformity and setting an example for others to follow? And if they were offering him all help, why did the boy go away despite having earlier paid high fees for admission for which the father had to sell his ancestral land? The Teachers would have won a big applause if they had first tried to set things right for the disabled boy. There was hardly anyone who raised his or her voice in favour of the crippled lad even when he was demanding nothing more than what he was entitled to under the rules.

The AUTA is now starting another movement, ‘Save University’ agitation. This time the teachers do not wish to carry on their movement all alone but want to include ex-students in including those who are journalists, to advise them in the matter.
Then as a journalist and as a former student of Allahabad Unuiversity I would advise the teachers to first fulfil their own primary duty which is to teach and not agitate. They must hold 75 per cent classes. They should complete their courses. They must not tell the students to join coaching institutes but call them for an extra class to revise their courses.
Let me recall my days. Our teachers did not give us a moment to spend idly. They took every class, taught us something new and rare daily. They would turn the class room into a mini-Parliament and carry on with a question-answer session also to make the proceedings so lively, so interesting. Students eagerly waited for their classes and rushed into the large lecture theatre when the bell rang, wanting to occupy the front seat.  Students would miss a cinema show to attend the classes. And those teachers were worshipped by the students. My advice to AUTA is- insist on taking classes, insist on making them as interesting as they used to be in the past. Students will then not think of assaulting their teachers; they will worship them. First deserve then desire.  Children are told: ‘Tum mein hi koi Gautam hoga, tum mein hi koi ho ga Gandhi’ . We can tell the teachers: Tum me hi koi Ishwari (Prasad) hoga, tum me hi koi hoga (J.K).Mehta

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