Thursday, January 18, 2018
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SSP Umesh Kumar

How the times change! I am again talking about the campus affairs. There was an era when it was unthinkable for the police to enter the campus—without the permission of the Vice Chancellor. Even the British Collector would seek Dr Amaranatha Jha’s permission before planning anything relating to the University.

There was a time, when the then Vice Chancellor, Mr B.N.Jha,  was surrounded by unruly elements. He was asked: ‘Sir, should we call police for your help?’ B,N,Jha replied: ‘When thousands of my students are there to protect me, why should I call in the police?’ This was told to me on Saturday on phone by Dr B.N.Asthana, former VC of Kanpur University.
And today? The University have lost faith in its own capacity to protect itself. And so it takes help of police. Why has it alienated the students? The answer is simple. The VC, the teachers , the administrative officials do not listen to the students, their grievances. That is why students are now seeking the help of police to solve their  problems! The tide has turned. The Allahabad SSP, Mr Umesh Srivastava is now playing the VC’s role. Fantastic—but very true, and something to be appreciated too.
The SSP held an open Durbar with the students to listen to their grievances, Students from the University and degree colleges, including girls, were there to interact with him. He heard them patiently, including those from the PCB who alleged that their warden had lodged a false FIR against some of them. He promised to look into their grievances and take corrective measures.
Noteworthy was the comment of the student leaders of the Ishwar Saran Degree College. They told the SSP that they have very few complaints. And the reason for this is that the College authorities listen to their complaints and also redress their grievances. There is no communication gap and because the authorities
listen to them, the leaders too adopt constructive approach.
 The SSP deserves special praise for doing something which ought to be done by the University authorities.

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