Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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nagar maha ayukt and ADA v.c

I have been stating times without number that the top officials should step out of their cosy chambers and carry out personal inspections instead of relying wholly on the reports of their juniors because they too in turn could  be sending their subordinates who could, possibly in league with people of questionable integrity, be submitting a biased report for the bosses.

It was therefore good to see that both the Nagar Ayukt Pradeep Kumar and the ADA Vice Chairman A.K.Singh personally went for verification of a case of encroachment in Naini where they had to encounter rough weather. Their whole team of officers was already there. The two officials  saw the documents which did not exonerate them at all. But had they not gone there themselves the subordinates would have said, ‘They showed us the documents which were in order’ even if they were not. It was a Sunday and hence the encroachers could have hardly expected any officer to reach there. But the officials were in a hurry as they  were  to submit affidavit on encroachments to the High Court.
An FIR has been lodged against a trader  and his supporters who are alleged to have roughed up the driver of the officials.
I would request the officials to take a personal round of the city and do so very confidentially and quietly so that none in teh office knows about such excursions. They will then be able to get a better  idea of the outrageous happenings in the city which cannot be condoned by any stretch of imagination. I would further add that both the ADA Vice Chairman and the Nagar Ayukta should not use official car as then they would easily be recognized. They should in fact use the car of a friend so as to have a round unnoticed by the persons being watched .

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