Sunday, February 25, 2018
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police sketch

Dear Traffic Inspector Sa/b—or should I address you as ‘Sir’ as those convent children do when you go there and become a school master to teach them traffic rules which you yourself are not able to enforce elsewhere ? I would like to tell him that what we need most is  strict enforcement of traffic rules and arousing road sense among the people on the street not children in the class rooms who can be taken care of by their teachers.

At best you may call a meeting of teachers and  inform them about what all to tell their students daily. But their own duty should be on the roadside. And why blame the people if the authorities allow encroachments right in the middle of roads and just do not have the guts to remove them ? I am reminded of one evening  when the congestion scene at the crossing of Elgin-Shastri Margs in Civil Lines just baffled me. I was caught in it. For nothing the jam went on and on. Had there been a police constable there round 6.30 pm this situation might not have arisen. He could easily have pushed one vehicle forward, one backward, making the way for others to pass. But at that crossing no one in his vehicle was prepared to budge an inch till the front man moved. And how could the front man move and go towards the High Court side on Elgin Road if  right in the middle some  workshop’s  mechanics were attending to cars standing in the centre of the extremely busy thoroughfare ? This is not all, very close-by, on the road itself there is a liquor shop. One could see youngsters buying drinks from there, turning the spot into an ‘adda’ of congestions’ The over-drunk among them could be seen in a dancing mood, ‘Jhoom barabar jhoom sharabi, jhoom barabar jhoom’ were the words pouring out from their lips, intercepted only by the ‘Meri jaan’ remarks for a passing dame. I would like to ask  the Traffic SI: How can traffic rules apply in such a situation ? It is not a question of traffic rules any more. It is a question of traffic mismanagement and administrative callousness which permits such blatant  misuse of roads by encroachers and allows liquor-sellers to turn passing youngsters into drunkards. 

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