Thursday, January 18, 2018
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moris dan bishop

In our hours of joy and merriment let us not forget to wish Merry Christmas to former Bishop Dan who used to greet thousands every year on this occasion. And it is difficult to forget the gala reception he got when he was made the Bishop of the Diocese of Lucknow.

The illuminations on MG Marg from the Bishop’s House   near the Cathedral  till the Subhash crossing and more were too fascinating to be forgotten. There have been several Bishops in the past during our lifetime but never do I recall seeing such fascinating decorations. In fact more of that road was illuminated  to welcome the Bishop than is done even during the Dussehra celebrations. But times change; and as the poet sang, ‘Sukh dukh ka pahiya chalta hai vohi naseeba kehlata hai, Raat gai phir din aata hai, isi terah aaat jaate hi yeh sara jeecvan jaata hai’ but there is hope at the other end, ‘Ye raat gai, voh subah nai...’
I am sure his friends would like to wish him a Merry Christmas; and C.V.Innis will be among the large-hearted ones who , one hopes, will  be doing so too, if not in person or through a greeting card  then just through a prayer.

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