Thursday, January 18, 2018
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crimnal with gun

The new SP (City) Rajesh Yadav was seen to be extra fast in responding to a report about the looting of a bag containing over five lakh rupees by three bike-borne criminals from two carriers going on a two wheeler. The SP(City) very rightly wants to know that when such a big amount of money was involved, why was it being carried on a two wheeler and not in a car.

The fact that the two-wheeler was being driven by an armed guard gave clear hint to criminals that they must be carrying hard cash.
Those who have so much of cash to send must be having a four wheeler as well. The SP(City) says that if the amount was so big they could have approached the police for a guard as well. This incident once again shows that people are careless when they are out on the road with  big amount of money. If the owners had been careful they would have arranged for a car or a taxi. 
I think the police should issue guidelines to the public about Dos and Don’ts that they should observe when carrying big amount. At the same time patrolling near banks should be stepped up. It would be better if police men in plain clothes are  posted near banks .
The possibility is that bag snatchers are not hardened criminals. They do not go about armed as that would arouse suspicion of cops if they are around.
But before the advent of   bag snatchers and chain snatchers , we had highway robbers. They would not spare their victims. Murders took place too in such cases of loot. I remember when Samuel Harsha, working as assistant in a Hotel on Sardar Patel Marg was carrying a bag of money on cycle to deposit the amount in Allahabad bank, he was gunned down by assailants on Tashkent Marg and the bag of money taken away. The looters-cum-killers are merciless brutes who pull the trigger without any hesitation even when that may not be necessary,
The SP(City) should hold a meeting with top businessmen and tell them that money in transit will always be under threat if it is carried on a two wheeler. They must arrange for four wheeler. In case some people are hard pressed  and cannot afford to keep a guard, they must seek police help.

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