Thursday, January 18, 2018
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The streets of Mehdauri colony had remained plunged in darkness for quite some time. We focussed the grievances of the people on this issue twice. And now the main complainant Mr S.S.Majithia says that street lights have been restored and that once again life has returned to normal. ‘Maid servants are no longer afraid to stir out before dawn to go for work in households having early risers.

There is good news for Civil Lines residents attached to the substation on Kanpur Road. According to the good news given by Executive Engineer of Mayo Hall Division, Mr A.R. Raghuvanshi, the department has sanctioned a 5 MVA transformer at the Civil Lines power substation located on Kanpur Road. Once installed, this high-capacity transformer should be able to meet the rising demand for power in Civil Lines. It need hardly be stressed that in recent years consumption of power in Civil Lines has gone up by leaps and bounds. There have been several  high-rise commercial complexes besides  residential apartments. The present transformer was finding it difficult to cope with the requirements of the situation.
But  power management cannot be a one-sided affair. The public has to cooperate with the authorities so that best results may be reaped. The beneficiaries will be the public in the long run. And in this connection I would like to lay stress on two things—timely payment of bills, clearance of arrears  on the one hand and prevention of power thefts on the other.
But power thefts go on and on. The obvious stealers are the katiya users who are openly doing so. In some areas one finds too many Katias on one pole. They look like a beehive of wires cuddling together like new lovers.  The point is: Can Katias be checked through appeals? I doubt. Hence the authorities will have to use force. But this should be done in a planned manner. The raiding parties should not go without adequate police force. Recently we have seen how the anti-encroachment drive in the densely populated areas of the city was carried out successfully simply because the squad was accompanied by police force in good strength. If Katiyas have to be removed, the authorities will have to go about doing so with a force in such large numbers as to create the desired deterrent impact.

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