Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Our Commissioner Kumar Kamlesh may be a man of few words. But he is extremely sensitive to the problems faced by citizens. And whenever anything serious is brought to his notice he acts promptly. Right now he has been going round the Mela area to see the preparations being done for the ensuing Magh Mela.

He toured the area with officials and expressed his dissatisfaction with the slow pace at which the work is proceeding. This, I may tell Commissioner Sahib, is not due to laziness but appears to be a part of their well-planned strategy to go on delaying the work till there is no time left. At that stage, with the Mela drawing nearer  and nearer, the higher authorities ultimately have to tell them: ‘Do whatever you like. But we want the work to be completed by such and such date’ . This is what the corrupt elements among the arrangement makers want. They  will say, ‘We will be doing so in a hurry to please you Sir, but please don’t expect us to come out with high- quality   work.’ And then substandard material is used but full money charged. That is  how they make up for the commission losses that they have to incur by feeding the hungry men in the administration with crisp currency notes. To substantiate my assessment of the situation, I would like the Commissioner Sa’b to go through last year’s newspaper files. He will see Mela-completion deadlines being shifted ahead umpteen times till the fag end was reached. Then there is no option to giving them freedom to complete the work as best they may. That is why our Maha Kumbh roads have given way within a year.

I may also request the Commissioner to look within the city too and inspect some of the local departments dealing with public-utility services. I am sure he will come across several shocking things. But he is the man who could be in a position to act and stir the administration into speedy action while dealing with complaints of serious nature. But more on this again.

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