Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Some of the English-medium schools have established  instant links with the parents of the students studying with them so that in case a student is absent in class the school can inform the parents. That way parents are kept informed and students also do not try to play the truant.

If such a system is introduced in all schools it could prevent the girls and the boys to hoodwink their respective parents – by telling them that they are going to attend classes but are actually out on a flirting mission.
I wish to caution parents that children might not always be speaking the truth—especially those who are passing through the age of adolescence. I would especially request mothers to look into the school bags of their daughters. Some of them might be surprised to find an additional dress in the bag too. I am saying this on reading a report about the raid by police in some local parks where teenagers were cuddling together in romantic mood. When the lady cop opened the bag of one of the school girls she was startled to find that she had packed her school uniform inside it and put on the normal dress so that none may be able to identify their school or even wonder why the girl is out in the park when she should be in the classrooms. In some cases the boys say they are going to attend coaching classes and the girls give the same excuse to their parents. But they meet in the park as agreed upon. It is very easy to fix an appointment through mobile phone. I am told these teenagers—both boys and girls—keep two sets of mobile phones. One is for the purpose of keeping contact with parents, brothers and sisters and  other friends known to the family. The other mobile is meant exclusively for contacting boy-friends.

The other day police raided three parks in the city where such romantic couples usually go—the Children’ Park, the Alfred Park and the Bharadwaj Park. The police managed to come across over two dozen flirting pairs, half of whom were teenagers. When accosted by women cops they started coming out with incredible stories. In one case when the mother of the girl, informed by the police,  reached  the spot, she became furious and gave a tight slap on the face of her daughter, accusing her of trying to defame the family. The police were stunned on seeing her so angry. She was taken away. In another case the girl first tried to show off but when the cops said they would be informing her mother, she said: ‘Please don’t inform my mother’. Well, why should they do something which they cannot tell their parents?

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