Thursday, January 18, 2018
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In this connection I was extremely impressed when a gentleman, whose son studies in SJC, told me about a recent incident. He said, ‘Father Louis told this to us by the way’. It so happened that Father noticed that a teenager student of his college was absenting himself for the last several days continuously.

He could not get satisfactory reply on mobile phone. Father Louis then decided to visit the house of the student personally to see what the matter was.
When he reached the house, the parents were wonderstruck! Principal coming to their residence!  Father Louis asked them where their son was. The parents looked at each other’s face as they had no answer! They didn’t know what  the  son was doing, where he  could be at the moment and the rest of it.
Father revealed this at a meeting with some parents whom he had summoned on receipt of a complaint about their children from one of their teachers that they were disobedient, that she had punished them by turning  some of them out and that these boys were disturbing others by playing cricket. The class teacher was called who confirmed that the boys were very naughty and deserved to be punished but said at the same time that one of the lads was in wrong company because he had scored good marks in most papers. She even requested the Principal to shift him to a section in which these naughty boys were not present. The Principal saw the mark-sheet and was impressed by the boy’s good marks. But when he asked other parents to deal strictly with their sons, one of them said that he mostly remained out of city and therefore the son was neglected. He even expressed the fear that if he were to be too strict with the boy he may run away from home. He is not wrong there. There have been instances when such boys have committed suicide too. The teenagers have to be handled with care. But for that they should be cared for properly  from their very childhood. If parents keep  themselves busy and allow children to grow up in the laps of their ayas  and servants, what can one expect from them? It is not  rare to come across instances of such kiddies taking to drugs! Some jump from the new Jamuna bridge as well.

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