Sunday, February 25, 2018
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How do children usually remember their parents on their death anniversaries? They feed the poor, organize debates in their name and remember them in various other ways.

But rarely have I come across a unique way of showing regard for a parent as I witnessed the other day when dutiful son Dr R.P.Singh, a renowned eye-specialist,  paid a splendid  tribute to his late father,  Manbodh Singh a valiant police Officer who was committed to help the poor and the needy in his life time and had thrice won the  Presidents Chivalry award.  The dutiful son conducted  free cataract operations on 43 eye patients who were brought from Kunda and lens was successfully implanted by his close associates Dr. R.N. Mishra and Dr. T.N.Vyas at Hari Charitable Research Center. Over 580 patients with eye ailments were attended upon and medicines were provided free. It was a cold winter evening on December 18 when I visited the Charitable centre on Elgin Road and what I saw left me completely flabbergasted, so to say. That whole place looked like a mini-Magh Mela site as the poor village folk lay huddled together comfortably, provided with  beddings on the ground. They were to stay there overnight. They were served meals and what is more given woollen blankets as gifts from the Centre.  Dr Singh asked me to distribute some blankets too.Other important dignitaries who joined to pay tributes to the valiant Officer were: Prof. Yogeshwar Tewari, Dr. Veena Mishra, Dr. Ajay Bhardwaj, Dr. Kamaljeet Singh, Dr. Anuja Saluja, Dr. Alok Mishra, Dr. Shobha Pande, the family members of Dr. R.P. Singh and the Officer attendants of Hari Charitable Trust.

What  was a delightful surprise was the meal served on the occasion—Bajra preparations and other puris made of non-cereal material. It seemed a Mela camp had been opened for a night in the heart of the city.

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