Sunday, February 25, 2018
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The water management in the city has reached a horrifying stage in winter with worms coming out from taps in some localities,  dirty supply in some localities and in one case no water for over a fortnight, negating the claim that complaints are rectified promptly. They are not. But the Jal Kal GM says that grievances are redressed immediately. And he is an honourable man!

Let us take a look at Katra near Laxmi Talkies. Residents living in Argara locality and near Kali Mai spot as also Peepalwali Gali and some areas on Kutcherry Road have been getting worms along with their water. The explanation given is that ever since the supply was started from Khusraubagh waterworks, this problem has erupted because of the polluted Jamuna waters that are supplied from that centre. The report says that the problem persists. But the Jal Kal GM says that the problem has been resolved. And he is an honourable man! 
In Lukerganj, near Flour Mill there was pipe burst. The result was that dirty water started flowing into several houses. The Jal Kal GM says that in winters, because the pressure of water is very strong, the pipes at some places burst. But if water pressure is that high, why can’t it be regulated suitably in keeping with the strength and capacity of the pipelines? Since high water pressure—like high blood pressure!—can damage the arteries (pipelines) of the water-supply system, why aren’t suitable preventive measures being taken by the ‘Doctors’ of Jal Kal vibhag? After all, they should realize that prevention is better than cure. And high water  pressure can lead to paralysis of the supply system. Likewise Low Water Pressure is also bad for the health of the water supply system. But somehow our officials are not bothered about preventive measures; And they are all honourable men!

 In Kareli’s Teg Bahadur Nagar, in Blocks A and B, 150 houses were reported to be getting polluted water. Why does this happen? How does it happen? It is easy to say that polluted Jamuna waters flowing into such households via the Khusraubagh Jal Sansthan centre are causing the damage. But why  isn’t the Jamuna water undergoing the purification process at the Khusraubagh waterworks? And if water is indeed polluted, why isn’t the supply stopped till pure water supply can be guaranteed? Do the officials concerned realize that their indifference towards this problem might have by now affected the health of many citizens who must have had to spend thousands on consulting doctors and purchasing medicines apart from undergoing various tests that are a very costly affair too?
A report from Allahpur revealed that the other day that when the tubewell near Labour colony developed a snag, the residents of Kidwainagar and Ramanand Nagar had to go without water for several hours before the fault could be rectified. But the Jal Kal GM has only one explanation for all. Whenever we receive a complaint it is rectified. This is not true. The Jal Kal GM might be a man of good intentions. He is so good that he instantly accepts the report of juniors when they tell him that a complaint had been rectified.

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