Thursday, January 18, 2018
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A few months ago, in this very column we had appealed to the Commissioner to intervene in the case of an advocate whose was not getting any water supply  for several weeks on end. The Commissioner immediately intervened and apparently pulled up the department. They subsequently did send their team and they did set right the supply line.

He had to spend a large sum of money to get the fault set right. But what happened thereafter? On Diwali night the supply at his residence stopped again. When all efforts failed to coax the department to again set things right, the advocate had no option but to go in for boring. In that very area some more houses went dry. One of them was fortunate to have his supply restored. An engineer visited him and started rebuking him as to why he had not informed that the line had been set right. Height of impertinence. Their own men set the line right. Shouldn’t he have first pulled them up? And let me tell him that in other departments, like P & T, once they  repair a phone they do ring up to inquire whether the phone has been set right. They just do not accept the version of the linesman.
But the Jal Kal department seems to blindly accept what the plumbers tell them. The other day, when another complainant spoke to the GM and told him that his supply had not been restored, he was surprised and said that he had been told that it had been set right. Shouldn’t he have advised some senior to ring up the gentleman to inquire whether the supply had been restored? None of them cared a damn and have relapsed into silence. But that supply has not been restored even though a fortnight has lapsed. The fact is that they are just indifferent to the people’s complaints. Maybe they have to attend to many complaints. But too many complaints mean poor maintenance which by itself should be a matter of disgrace for the department.  

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