Thursday, January 18, 2018
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DM Rajshekhar

The District Magistrate , Mr Rajshekhar, has very rightly and appropriately taken up the case of a student’s ragging in a hostel where,  on close scrutiny, it was found that non-students  were said to  be residing there illegally and had become a nuisance for the inmates.

This particular case is serious. When ragging has been banned, no regular student would dare to indulge in it and that too so outrageously and barbarically.  Whether any student staying there was also involved will be found after a thorough inquiry.
Reports indicate that although the Hostel Superintendent , when apprised of the matter, started inquiries at his level, some officials were interested in hushing up the matter. But a leak to the Press brought the grim  incident to the notice of the District Magistrate who  thereafter swung into action and asked for details.
 After so much of hue and cry the matter has received wide publicity. The anti-social elements behind the mischief may try to seek revenge for this. The authorities concerned will have to take special care of the victim and provide him security because, if outsiders had indulged in the foul deeds, their accomplices might try to take revenge on the victim.  Some officials, says a report, were trying to hush up the matter but, as stated above,  because it appeared in a section of the press, it came to the notice of the DM who did the obvious—to order a thorough probe.
It was quite obnoxious on the part of the ragging brigade to unclothe the boy and take him on the roof where they asked him to abuse persons staying in the neighbourhood. In other words, these raggers were trying to rag even the neighbours through the innocent boy who had earlier been badly roughed up by being forced to sit nude as a murga and also  bamboozled with unprintable threats. The boy is in trauma . But this trauma would have been manifold more unbearable had the raggers carried out their threats in toto. They did attempt it all right. If these anti-social elements have been active for quite some time now,  how is it that the hostel authorities have not taken any action against them or reported the matter to the police?

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