Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Allahabad University

It is Allahabad’s misfortune that both New Delhi and Lucknow  could not reconcile with the fact that the British had given so much prominence to Allahabad. They have left no opportunity to reduce our importance.

Two issues have been cropping up now and again since the last over 60 years—one, a demand for bench of Allahabad High Court in Meerut or Western UP, a plea turned down by Nehru, Indira and by almost  all others who followed them . The other bones of contention have been the central offices located in the city and also some state offices.
Whenever a move to shift some office or the other gains ground there is retaliatory protest which assumes such frightening dimensions at times as to force the espousers of the shifting process to  become silent.  Long, long ago the late Prof K.K.Bhattacharya , Dean of the Faculty of Law, had once protested loudly and he went to the extreme of saying, through a letter to the editor in the press, that ‘Let them take away everything. But will they be able to shift the Ganga and the Jamuna to Lucknow? Will they be able to establish Triveni at Lucknow?’
Pramod Tewari, MP, has in a way replied to Prof K.K.Bhattacharya by assuring the other day that no office will be allowed to shift from Allahabad. Mr Tewari, who was only recently elected to the Rajya Sabha, said that the Central authorities, if they could, they would have shifted even the Sangam to other cities.
To those who may not be knowing, Allahabad was the State capital. We had a Government House here too then known as ‘Laat Sahib ki kothi’. How could Lucknow  tolerate the existence of Government House at Allahabad as it would remind successive generations that here lay the capital of the state. So the then Chief Minister C.B.Gupta softened the blow by announcing that Allahabad will have a medical college and that it would be located on the Government House land. How could we grudge it?


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