Saturday, February 17, 2018
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It was most surprising to see some roads being repaired and renovated within the twinkling of an eye to impress the President. The roads  on which his car was to pass were given an altogether a new look. What is more when a stray cattle was seen around, the cops gave it a chase to clear the road.

If only such efficiency was shown for the ‘Aam Admi’ as well, things in the city would improve in no time. But there seems to be no will to do so. How then can a way be found? If at all  our folks have specialized in anything, it is in the art of making excuses and passing the blame on others. No one is willing to assume the responsibility for a lapse. And no one tries to even trace who the culprit is so as to hold him accountable for the disasters and then subject him to such punishment as permitted by law.  It is because of this stubbornness on the part of the administration to tolerate inefficiency, to tolerate dishonesty that has resulted in the present chaos giving rise to a situation that becomes ripe and explosive for an ‘Am Admi’ like Arvind Kejriwal to strike and strike hard.
People would like Kejriwal to succeed if that success will cover the Government offices and undertakings where the ghost of efficiency has been laid to rest. Once the experiment succeeds in Delhi, there may be a clamour for ‘Aam Aadmi’ rule everywhere in the country.The writing on the wall is clear for both the bureaucrats and the politicians: Perform or perish. If Kejriwal succeeds in Delhi there will erupt hundreds of Kejriwals in the country.

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