Saturday, February 17, 2018
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If unconfirmed reports published in a section of the press are to be believed, Vice Chancellor Prof A.K.Singh has had a narrow escape in a road accident while going to Kanpur in his official car. The mishap took place near Fatehpur when some big vehicle dashed against his Ambassador car from behind. With great difficulty the car was brought back to Allahabad.

I am writing this on the basis of a report published in a Hindi daily which says that the story is unconfirmed .  The correspondent however says that informed sources told him that the whole incident was kept a secret and that Dr Singh did not go to any hospital for medical treatment  as then the news would have spread like wild fire. So he got himself treated in the house. The driver too had a narrow escape. The report says that a look at the car  testifies to the gravity of the mishap.
The VC is a quiet person—very quiet—because  he is temperamentally made that way. Even when he has several good things to share, out of modesty he keeps even those a secret, This is unfair. Those who have had the opportunity of meeting him and have known him from close quarters speak highly about his calibre. They say that it is his silence that has led to the spread of so many stories against him. Many have complained that he is unapproachable. There are others who have said that his brilliance cannot be challenged.   If the report about the accident is correct as it should be, we wish him a speedy recovery. And once he is on his feet again, we would expect him to be a little more vocal if not social. In today’s world, unless people shout they cannot be heard, so noisy has the atmosphere become. In the past a teacher used to whisper and he was heard. Today too there are whispers but these are part of whispering campaigns unleashed by frustrated elements against the VC.

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