Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Till recently it was considered dangerous to withdraw money from ATMs at odd hours because there were instances of people getting waylaid as soon as they had withdrawn the money and were returning. There also were cases of thieves spying on your documents and then removing the cash from the ATM without arousing anyone’s doubt. But now another clan has appeared. They are too impatient to grab the money.

So they have been attempting to rob money  directly from the ATM by removing it, cutting it and through various other methods known and unknown. In Chakia a gang  of three was caught when it was trying to cut through the ATM . They were using a gas cutter and had carried a small gas cylinder for the purpose, This ATM was located in a branch of the Union Bank.
The robbers first pulled down the shutters and then started their work. One accomplice stood guard outside on a bike. But when the ‘khut’ ‘khut’  sound became a little too loud, the attention of the neighbours was aroused. They became suspicious and informed Khuldabad police which rushed to the spot, took the ATM robbers by surprise. They tried to flee leaving behind all implements but were ultimately nabbed. Only their accomplice on mo-bike escaped.

Once again the question arises. Why don’t the banks post night watchmen near ATMs? In fact the administration should make it mandatory for  all ATMs to post guards there round the clock. If this is not done, action should be taken against the bank. How can they be so indifferent towards their own security and that too after several incidents of similar types have been reported?

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