Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Magh Mela is round the corner. But roads to and from Sangam are hardly safe for pilgrims. One rarely finds pilgrims being murdered. But these days bike riding killers have become so impatient that they brook no challenge to their dare-devilry and unhesitatingly pull the trigger.

This incident was even more tragic because the woman who was killed had come her with her husband and others to immerse the ashes of her mother-in-law. The ghastly murder took place on Fort Road which is supposed to be safe. But why the two bikers shot the woman is shrouded in mystery because different newspapers have given different explanations. At least three scribes say that the bikers halted the tempo with a view to looting the occupants. The woman resisted  when they were trying to relieve her of her gold  valuabes and then they fled.

One report says that the two bikers were giving a chase to the tempo but the tempo wouldn’t stop and, instead, raised the speed to move out of the lonely zone. The angry bikers then fired at the tempo as a result of which the bullet hit the woman and she died.  Yet another version(flashed in two newspapers) says that there was argument between the tempo driver and the two bike riders. This woman tried to intervene and the angry people instead pumped bullets into her. Two newspapers say that they halted the tempo and asked the women where she was going. When she said that they were going to a particular Panda, the two got annoyed and shot her dead.  The implication is that the two were pimping for some other Panda and since the woman and her people were not interested in that Panda, she was shot dead.
There must have been several occupants in the tempo. How then have so many different versions appeared in the press?
However, verification of reasons can wait. But what cannot wait is the need for boosting in a big way security in and around the Mela region. The police usually take care of the VVIP enclosures , especially if relatives of top political leaders are attending the Mela therel   . I would like to emphasise that in the Mela zone and the regions surrounding there should be night patrolling in a big way. We cannot afford to allow the lives of the pilgrims to be threatened by such lawless elements.

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