Saturday, February 17, 2018
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The UP Government has done away with the erstwhile rule that requires a cop to run for 10 km before expecting a promotion. This rule has been scrapped because some cops could not bear it and died. We pity those cops who lost their lives that way.

But that must have happened because they did not have the required stamina or because they had entered the police by offering bribes and not after a genuine entry test.This is a very serious issue—the fitness of cops. With bulging tummies, how will they give a chase to any criminal? They may be on patrolling duty on foot. In case they spy an enemy, will they give a chase to criminals who might be running as fast as steeds?
This is a serious matter. Irrespective of whether a long parade is a must for promotions or not, there should be some provision for daily parades by all sections of the cops to keep them healthy, strong and fit for field duty. And now is the time to enforce the daily-parade schedule for cops as it was done in the past. Long back, in the 1970s, when I was staying at Muir Road-Stanley Road crossing with my elder brother, I used to daily find early morning cops parading on the roads.  Their footsteps were in rhythm and the movement of their hands and feet was also in accordance with the prevailing norms. Those cops looked so fresh with their trim personalities.The cops should be given such physical exercise daily as this  would harden them to effectively meet any challenge posed by the biggest of challenges and adversities.

Physical culture  seems to be totally missing these days. I remember the good old days when the Police Lines would be buzzing with sports activities. Some were playing hockey, some football and some volleyball. Whether they are still doing so I cannot say. But in those days special events included police sports and I recall sports headlines including the results of police games as well. Where has all that disappeared?
To just give jobs is not and should not be the objective  while giving employment to young police recruits. They must be trained in hard labour. Once physical culture is revived we will find the cops more active, more agile, more swift on the foot. Periodical checks should be done and no cop with a fat stomach should be allowed.

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