Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Of late burglaries, murders have increased in Allahabad. And newspapers are full of acts of dare-devilry committed sometimes by people with no previous record of crime.

They are supposed to be criminals with a ‘Sharif’ (decent) image. Police cannot be present here, there and everywhere. And in dealing with such cases it is far, far behind. With an increase in the number of those who have stepped into crime-ways ,the task of the police has become even more difficult.

This is mainly because now they do not have to  fight the known band of criminals with their set habits but with an unknown clan of the  criminals who could be pursuing crime not as a profession but as a hobby, a pastime. They otherwise pursue their normal style of living so that no one can even suspect them of being kingpins behind sophisticated crime being committed in the city.

They go after temporary spoils and then  resume  their normal activity.   Some of them might have successfully carried out big operations like robbing people of their e-accounts, taking other people’s  money out of banks through trickery  and  thuggery—and have never been caught! That also needs skill. How can this sophisticated clan of  criminals be nabbed? That can be done if the police too are equally trained both mentally and physically to cope with their rising numbers .
How do these young men acquire the skill and then the  determination to misuse their knowledge? I would say that Internet provides them all the knowledge. They see western movies, western serials and get so much involved and impressed by their crime stories that they adopt the things they watch. They know that police couldn’t be aware of such new developments on the crime front. In other words these youngsters do not have to take training anywhere. They don’t have to meet suspicious characters attend the meetings conducted by the mafias of the underworld. They learn all that from the NET. And thereafter come to know the advanced tricks and the way technology can be used with gain  -- to commit crime and not be discovered! If such bands of intelligent, computer-savvy  criminal minds with innocent looks and good reputation are to be cornered, the police will have to be equally well-versed in the working of computers and should have the inclination of  learning the latest on the crime front. It is then that they will be able to outsmart those who are today baffling them with the new methods of crime that they are emulating from the west through the Net 

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