Saturday, February 17, 2018
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Prof Yogeshwar Tewari has hit out at those who recently conducted a survey in the name of ‘Aspiring Minds’ and  which had, in a report, stated that 47 per cent of the graduates coming out from our universities are not fit enough to get a job anywhere.

  The Professor says that the surveyors seem to be quite oblivious of the bitter reality which reveals that it is from among this 47 per cent that one finds young men shooting upwards in life through means that may not always be unquestionable in all cases. But it is some of them who can be seen stepping into greener pastures where not qualification but ‘stuntbaazi’ works.
‘You find them in politics, you find them among  contractors, you find them among middle-men, you find them among pimps. Some of them set up roaring business through black money and then give employment to  those among the remaining 53 per cent, said to be knowing a lot.” What the Professor says is very true. A school dropout walks into politics, develops good contacts, contests a poll, uses muscle power to get elected and then mints money in billions, sets up a chain of business houses if not industries and provides jobs to hundreds of well qualified engineers, technocrats, accountants, professors, doctors and so on.

 Many may brand them as upstarts. But that is not so because it needs brains to go up the ladder of success through alternative routes.  And  it is they who subsequently start commanding so much awe if not genuine respect that the well qualified people go and touch their feet to receive  their  blessings! That is the paradox of life. A criminal gets elected and then he is saluted by someone who might have arrested him when he was at the prime of his criminal career! Can this reality be easily denied?
That is the irony of  circumstances. We do take pride in the calibre of some of our best scientists, technocrats, doctors, engineers, litterateurs, poets and writers. Some of us, still attaching values to age old traditions, may even be touching the feet of our employers even if as class fellows the boss of today was a  dullard of yesterday.
What then is the remedy? How can the Universities  help this 47 per cent  to rise and shine by passing through the academic corridors and not choosing alternative routes to success  where at times one has to sell his conscience to make headway? May be they cease to be aware that there is such a thing as a conscience.

If the ‘Aspiring Minds’ have genuine interest in the welfare and growth of the 47 per cent, why don’t they come out with some suggestions that may turn the tide? They call them useless and the latter call the former mere bookworms, good for nothing except crowing and cawing all the time.

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