Thursday, January 18, 2018
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The other day there was a report about several dog-bite cases having occurred in the city. One reason is that dogs in the city are multiplying at an alarming pace. And the dog-catching squads are nowhere to be seen. At night those who are on the roads, especially on two wheelers, have to face their wrath on lonely roads.

A colleague of ours says that the other day he was passing through Bairahna on way to the new bridge when he spotted some stray dogs chasing a big, huge pig. The pig was running at fast speed and dashed against his bike. Luckily the bike escaped with   minor damage and our robust colleague also escaped unhurt after  this encounter with an escaping pig. But the matter did not end there. The pig again ran to escape the dogs. And the dogs, seeing our colleague speeding away, turned their attention on him. They would have got him had he not increased the speed and lifted his legs sufficiently high to escape the threatening canine teeth . It is only when he reached the bridge that the dogs receded.
One would like to know that if these dogs never catch a thief or a criminal  but merely bike law abiding citizens, shouldn’t they be removed and shifted elsewhere?

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