Sunday, February 25, 2018
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The Active India Tv wishes all its readers a very, very happy new year. May success greet you at every step. May you all prosper and may all your wishes be fulfilled this year. Today I wish to salute our Chief Justice and some bureaucrats who have been striving hard to serve the city.

If Allahabad presents a shabby look, the fault is not entirely theirs. They have joined here only recently and inherited a system that hardly moves in the right direction. No wonder in legacy they have received such problems as are not easy to solve as they have been accumulating through neglect and negligence. We hope that henceforth they will rise to the occasion and serve the city to the best of their ability. And now special greetings to some of them


The Active India Tv wishes a very, very happy new year to our new Chief Justice, Mr Justice Dhananjay Chandrachud   who was sworn-in on  31stOctober 2013. He enjoys the reputation of being one of the most brilliant judges in India and also very kind-hearted one who encourages young lawyers and has even heard litigants arguing their own cases in Bombay High Court. Son of the legendary   Y.V.Chandrachud, the longest serving Chief Justice of India, he himself at 53 is the youngest Chief Justice among the CJs of 22 High Courts of the country.  He is a  doctorate from Harvard University and has headed the Maharashtra Judicial Academy which trains nearly 1,900 judges in that state. It is our good fortune that we have amidst us a legend in the making. We wish him a long, eventful stay in Allahabad. His presence here is bound to further enrich the judicial records of Allahabad High Court



The first citizen of Allahabad, Mayor Abhilasha Gupta, has been seen moving about in every nook and corner of the city, inaugurating lanes and listening to the woes of the people. In a way she has, among the recent mayors,  been one of those few persons who are at the beck and call of the  people in distress. She has visited slums, examined the battered roads saw the overflowing drains and sympathized with those who have not been getting water at all. And if they are getting it, the same is highly polluted. She is a sensitive mayor whose concern for the welfare of  Allahabad  is noticeable in her movements all over  the city. We wish her all success in her endeavours and also offer her our best wishes for the new year


Vice Chancellor

Prof A.K.Singh is a genius who could be the pride of any institution. But right now he is occupying the post of Vice Chancellor of Allahabad University which, I have no hesitation in saying, is a thankless job these days. There are more brickbats than bouquets but we are sure that he will be able to turn the brickbats into bouquets in the coming year if only he were to come out of his shell of silence and have a good PRO who may be able to project so many bits of wonderful news Prof Singh may have up his sleeve. The Active India Tv wishes him a Happy New Year and hopes that among his new year resolutions, one will be to come out of his  chamber of silence. There are certainly some good professors in AU who can help him   cast off his reluctance to be a bit free with the academicians of Allahabad.. 



Our new Commissioner Kumar.... has already made a mark for himself in Allahabad by taking keen interest in the administration and also overseeing the work of critical departments. He is extremely conscious about complaints from the public and, in one recent case, took quick action to have the water supply of a consumer,  disrupted for nearly a month, restored promptly by pulling up those concerned. He heads the Allahabad Development Authority too as its chairman  and one can look forward to improved working of the ADA in the coming months



IG Dev kumar


Our new IG (Zone) is a man in uniform who believes in action and not just in words. Those who have met him talk highly about his calibre, his  commitment and dedication  and his strict  adherence to the rule of law . He reacts to the cry for justice from the poor. He unhesitatingly goes to functions that are organized among the masses and was recently seen distributing blankets and other gifts to the poor on the occasion of Christmas. We wish him a very, very happy new year too



Our District Magistrate Rajshekhar has become a popular bureaucrat of Allahabad. He has  been in the city for fairly long, is a tough task master, does not spare defaulters , personally visits sites under spotlight and makes it a point to solve the people’s problems at the earliest. Reports talk about his strictness with those who may not be doing work to his satisfaction. He has friendly relations with news persons and gives them a patient hearing when they offer suggestions regarding the crucial problems confronting the city. I attended a lunch thrown by him to celebrate the birth of a daughter, the ‘laxmi’ of the house. Our good wishes for the New Year to him, his better half and of course the two little  kids- a son and a daughter.



SSP Umesh Kumar
The SSP Allahabad, Mr Umesh Srivastava,  is striving hard to restore the people’s confidence in the  ability  of the police to prevent and solve crime. At times it seems that he is fighting a lost battle. But soon he springs into action to dispel any doubt about his determination to  take  the bull by its horns. The other day he arranged a ‘Bara Khana’ in police lines which was very well attended. I could not go for various reasons. But when I asked a scribe why he had not gone, his reply, of course jokingly,  was ‘The SSP should have arranged for not a mere Bara Khana but Bara Maikhana for journalists. They would have stayed on till the dawn the next day!’ Well, his comment did not interest me because I don’t drink.




Our warm greetings to him on the occasion of the new year. His is a thankless job because no matter how much of sincere work he may put in, it could be negated by one political interference if that means condoning faults and rewarding defaulters
The issue of unauthorized constructions is a major hurdle that is blocking Allahabad’s progress towards the goal of being named an international city. But he is not giving up! That should be the spirit.



new nagar ayukt1

Pradeep Kumar  has just taken over and received in legacy some really formidable problems for which he is being held accountable although it is his predecessors in office who should be hauled up for their acts of omission and commission. Pradeep may be trying his best to grapple with a situation but he knows that it is a thankless job. Even so we expect him to deliver the goods and so we offer him our warm greetings too for this year beginning today.

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