Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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The police had organized a ‘Bara Khana’ the other day. Our New Year enthusiasts organized a ‘Bara Maikhana’  to give a parting kick to 2013. And while they themselves were getting a good kick from the liquor consumed, little did they realize that their date with Bacchus would not last for long.

  The police had warned that drunkards won’t be spared. The SP(City)  had issued a  statement warning that Section 144 was in vogue too.  But that was hardly heeded as it was taken to be a formal,  annual ritual. The Madhushala addicts never heed such warnings. If at all they are caught they are known to have forced the cops to join them and gulp the nectar which, being human, they cannot resist.

But on Tuesday they had a date with disaster. The police swooped on riders and drivers. The traffic cops  were carrying Breath Analysers with them. That made their task easy in detecting who was drunk and who not. Most of them were either teenagers or students or young men fresh in service, having plenty to squander on Somras. They were all marched to the police station. 

But one must also appreciate that the police took a realistic stand. They did not challan them which could have easily been done. They respected the spirit of the occasion,  detained the youngsters at police station and released them only when their Mummy Papa  went there to take them away.
The  checking- raids by police  took place not just at 13 places in Civil Lines including  Subhash crossing ,   Hotstuff crossing  and Bus station but were carried out in George Town, Allahpur, Tagore Town, Colenelganj, Bairahna, Kydganj, Kothaparcha, Kotwali, Khuldabad, Railway crossing,  Rajruppur, Kareli, Attarsuiya, Govindpur, Teliarganj. The police was particularly active in Civil Lines where it was keeping an eye on roadside revellers and nabbing those who were making a nuisance of themselves. In some cases the drunkards, not at all in their senses, were falling at the feet of the policemen to let them go. In different thanas till late in the night there was quite a crowd of relatives, guardians and friends seeking the release of the tipsy revellers. Late in the night the tipsy tiplers  were let off with a warning.  There were restrictions on sale of liquor after a set deadline. But the liquor shops in several areas had violated the ban. The drinkers, who were standing outside the wine shops, were scared away by the police by banging lathis on the ground.  If such vigil is kept year after year this nuisance would certainly be eliminated.


Free tea!

I wonder if there is a Tea God like the one on Elgin Road who was offering his blessings to  passersby with free cups of tea on the New Year’s Day! The boon began early morning and nearly 2000 persons had been served tea till 11 am. The free stall was to continue till 7PM. ‘From where did you get the milk for so many cups’, I asked the generous soul. He told me, ‘Yesterday we had purchased 100 milk packets but now I think we will have to purchase more of these milk pouches’. I know one gentleman who drinks like a fish but also relishes tea. If you give him one cup he will grab two or even three. I wonder if he was there to receive blessings from the Tea God!

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