Sunday, February 25, 2018
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It happened in Shahganj, just behind the police chowkie in the Electronic Lane where a   gamblers  den, being run by a woman was raided by the police following tips given by an informer. The woman. Mehrunissa alias Dulhan escaped and so did many gamblers.

   But 15 of them, including two big traders, were caught from the spot. Rs1,25,120  was seized from the spot.
SSP Umesh Kumar Srivastava  has taken the matter very seriously. He struck against the Station in-charge Kamla Singh Yadav  of  Shahganj for helping the Madam conduct gambling. The SSP has also ordered a probe into the entire episode to find out how many other Shahganj cops had a hand in this. This should not be difficult. Once the Boss is strict, others would veer round him.

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