Sunday, February 25, 2018
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The New Year’s Day was celebrated in a commendable manner by the ‘Helpmate’ organization which organized a  widely attended function at the SRN Hospital  where patients were served sweets, fruits and given blankets as gifts.

  Wasn’t that a wonderful way to herald the New Year ? If one were to look around to see what all happened in the city on this happy occasion, one will find that liquor worth lakhs of rupees must have gone down the drain of intoxicated  thrills.  Even if half the sum spent on liquor had been used to help the really needy—especially the ailing patients—then that would indeed have been an act of grace.
At this SRNH function, Mr Justice Arun Randon of Allahabad High Court was the chief guest. Applauding the selfless work being done by Helpmate in the true Mother Teresa spirit,  Mr Justice Tandon set a grand example by  offering to bear all the medical expenses of two patients who had none in the world to take care of them. In other words they were ‘Lawaris’.  It would indeed have been a great and noble gesture on behalf of the Hospital if, instead of Justice Tandon making that offer, the Hospital authorities, the senior and junior doctors, had come forward to tell the Hon judge that he need not worry and that they would take care of the two patients. But apparently that gesture was not forthcoming. Justice Tandon even tried to wake them up by saying that providing medical service to the poor was a noble task. He did not say in words but was apparently telling them by implication that we must be humane towards those in pain instead of shouting at them, sometimes abusing them, sometimes even assaulting them and then throwing them out of the hospital premises.
The purpose of such functions is not merely to distribute sweets but also to convey a message—in this case to the doctors who are no longer looked upon as angels of mercy. They have in most vases turned into money-minting machines, the way they hound the relatives of the sick to get various tests of the patients carried out at  labs  that were nicknamed as fleecing centres of money.   Will the  give a serious thought to the human side of the medical profession?

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