Thursday, January 18, 2018
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I take you back to the pre-independence era when Prof S.C.Deb, then teaching in the English Department, was also the chief proctor.It so happened that two students(who later on became top bureaucrats of the country) were shabbily treated by the cycle stand  attendant at the Palace Theatre.

The boys went back to their hostels, informed other students and soon a mob of  students  started marching towards Palace Theatre.  Professor Deb heard about this. He rushed to the scene. Meanwhile the police had been instructed by the British district magistrate to adopt aggressive postures. If the students were to attempt damaging the property, they should not hesitate in in issuing shoot orders. 
  By the time Professor Deb reached the Palace Theatre,  the mob had swelled. Students were standing on one side and the police officer ready with his men confronting them on the other. The students seemed to be adamant. The police officer asked his men to get ready to shoot. The cops raised their guns, placing their fingers on the triggers. It is then that Prof Deb reached the scene, pierced through the boys and stood right in front of the mob facing the police. Prof Deb shouted at the police and then, baring his chest, said, ‘Shoot me first, then shoot the boys. They are my boys.’ The police chief was stunned. He asked the cops to lower their guns. They did so. Prof Deb then turned his back to take a look at the students. ‘Go back’ he said in a raised voice. And the  students quietly receded and went back to their hostels. But some of them strayed  towards the Regent cinema (Rajkaran now) and set fire to a garments shop run by the owners of the Palace Theatre.
I may mention that in those days the police could not enter the campus and even the British district magistrate had to take permission from the Vice Chancellor, an Indian Vice Chancellor like Amaranatha Jha. I may mention that when Allahabad University was an affiliating University way back in the nineteenth and early 20th century, the area over which the AU Vice Chancellor  ‘ruled’ was much larger than the jurisdiction of UP Governor. AU-affiliated  educational institutions were spread as far as in distant Punjab and even Frontier province . It may surprise many to learn that even High School and Inter certificates were issued all over the state by Allahabad University.
 Allahabad University has a rich legacy. We cannot allow  the treasures of our golden traditions  to be destroyed or damaged by brutal behaviour of the police. Let them recall: Some of them too were students who shaped their future in this very campus


#1 Shabbir Ahmed 2014-05-13 17:06
an incident of same type happened at Mansrover Talkies,during Union election of sixties at that time Col S.G. Tiwari was the Proctor. Professor S.C. Dev was Head of English Department.

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