Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Yesterday I said that what happened  in the University area was unfortunate. But today I would say that what was witnessed on Friday was shameful, deplorable and condemnable in the strongest of terms.

The police seemed to have run completely amuck, the way it entered even the classrooms when classes were on, started beating students who had gone there to study and also roughed up teachers who opposed their barbarity. Pictures provide a naked testimony to what happened on the campus on Friday when a chapter of shame was written by the police while even their bosses did not know what these devils in uniform were doing. This is evident from the fact that both the DIG N.Ravindra and SSP Umesh Kumar were unaware of the classroom outrage committed by their men. All that they have been quoted as saying is that ‘probe would be held if a complaint is lodged’. Mr DIG and Mr SSP, you have pictorial proof before you as presented in different newspapers. Should you wait for a complaint ? Isn’t the pictorial proof enough to spur you into action on your own? There have been instances when  the courts on their own have taken cognisance of such grave matters and intervened when no one has petitioned them for the same.
There was a time when the police dare not enter the campus. And today they are entering classrooms where students were studying while the teachers were teaching!  They have shown their power by attacking soft targets—innocent students who go there to study. Those who might actually have taken part in the protests are out—because the cops, fearing counter attacks  avoid them.
The matter is too serious to be ignored. This is the same University where in the pre-independence era even a British District Magistrate did not dare to enter the Campus  without the permission of the Vice Chancellor. In 1942, during the Quit India march, Allahabad university demonstrators  were not touched inside the campus. It is only when they walked out and were nearing the Collectorate that Lal Padmadhar was shot dead. But in free India, when a Kejriwal is  plugging bureaucratic excesses in Delhi, in Allahabad a Tuglaqshahi police is trying to snuff the voice of democracy by first inciting peaceful demonstrators and then attacking them with lathis, firing gunshots in the air. This issue would have ended without much excitement had the police not intervened in the manner in which it did.

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