Thursday, January 18, 2018
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The situation has been made explosive by the thoughtless excesses of the police who, it seemed , were allowed all the freedom to unleash a reign of terror on the campus—something that is unpardonable, to say the least. Pictures appearing in different newspapers show the faces of the cops who were committing the shameful  atrocities.

  These faces should be recognizable. They must be hauled up and asked who ordered them to violate the sanctity of the classrooms and insult the teachers too apart from beating up the innocent, studious boys? Shame on those who ordered this outrage, shame on those who carried out those orders! The IG should order a probe not by any police official but by some outside agency to get a clear picture of what actually happened, One report says that this barbaric assault was led by CO Samar Bahadur. Why doesn’t  Bahadur show his ‘Bahaduri’ by capturing hardened criminals instead of going after soft targets? If this is the protection that students will get, will they not be afraid to enter the campus?
Parents are  deeply annoyed and highly concerned about their children’s safety from police threat on the campus. Acting Vice Chancellor, Prof N.R.Farooqui   invited the DM Mr Rajshekhar and the SSP Mr Umesh Kumar for talks on Saturday  to discuss  about the excesses committed by the cops. Prof Farooqui, a very sensitive scholar and a thorough gentleman, has condemned the police entry into classrooms and violence committed on students in the strongest of terms. He immediately informed both the DM and the SSP about the unsavoury happenings inside the classrooms. The least that the authorities can do is to suspend the cops, including the CO who led the policemen into the classrooms, order a probe and give them exemplary punishment so that they may  not think of repeating the same barbaric chapter on the campus.

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