Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Only till the other day teachers on the campus had complained against the violence indulged in by some students in the Science Faculty. But they   have apparently forgotten that incident as it seemed to be too small in comparison to what happened in the University on Friday.

The Professor and Head of the Political Science department of Allahabad University, Prof Krishna Gupta has written a letter to Chief Proctor and the SSP and expressed his deep resentment over the entry of police into the classrooms. He has demanded strong action against those who committed the outrage. The Professor says that students – both girls and boys--had assembled most peacefully to attend their classes when the cops led by CO Samar Bahadur entered the classroom and indulged in a savagery of the most deplorable type. The cops did not listen to even the teachers and forcibly entered the class rooms. Former Dean and Political Science Professor M.P.Dubey has condemned the outrage  in very strong words. The AUTA President Prof G.C.Tripathi has also condemned the incident and blamed the University administration also  for its callousness in handling the sensitive matters. He regrets that no official of the University was present when the students were being beaten up mercilessly. The Head of Sanskrit Department, Prof Ram Kishore Shastri, has alleged that apart from assaulting the students, the police also misbehaved with teachers.
If the public is asked not to take law in its own hands, why was the local police allowed to behave like goondas and given the freedom to assault all and sundry?
It is high time the old tradition was strengthened –the tradition which did not permit the police to enter the campus on its own. There should be an inquiry to find out who allowed the cops to enter the cops .

Mother’s cry

I received a pathetic call from an anonymous caller on my landline phone. It was an old woman on the  line. She said, ‘None of my children are studying in Allahabad University. They all studied there long ago. But what has perturbed me most is the brutal manner in which the cops have been assaulting the innocent boys and girls. The boys who actually indulged in retaliatory high-handedness must have been quite different. The ones these cops thrashed were innocent lambs in the hands of butchers.
She said, ‘I used to wonder why the public in different places is thrashing these cops. I used to feel very bad for them and was annoyed with the public. Now I am not. I have got the answer.’





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