Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Mr Narendra Rai, the RTO Allahabad, has condemned the arbitrary hike of fares by tempos and says their team will carry a public survey to find out  the people’s reaction. That is fair enough. But the Tempo association does not think so.

Their chief says that the fares are low even now and that the tempos have to make up for the loss they suffer owing to low occupancy rate on Saturdays and Sundays. But don’t the tempo owners realize this themselves? Why don’t they decide to lower the percentage of tempos in motion on these two days? They may evolve some rotational method to ensure that by turns all get the opportunity to  run tempos on the restricted days.
Many people want to ask the chief of the Tempo Association as to what he is doing to enforce the earlier guidelines that were issued by the association. Have they ensured that all drivers will wear uniform, carry all the relevant documents with them, inscribe their names on the uniform, print the fares on the body of the tempos, stop audio blasts during the movement of tempos and make comfortable seating arrangements for the users?
Right now what we see is appalling. Even lads in shorts are seen riding the tempos. They are under-age drivers, apparently without a  valid  license. There is no restriction on number of passengers they carry. The rates they have now fixed might be all right if they were to abide by rules that ensure comfortable seating space for the occupants. But no one bothers to think of that. The result is that more often than not on the busy routes the tempos are packed like sardines.
Fantastic it would seem but what the tempos now want is that if any  customer wants to  cover over five kilometres after 9 pm, he will have to pay for both sides. Let us assume that the fare till Sangam is Rs50.  If, for instance, you sit on a tempo at the Railway station to go to Sangam for Mela after 9pm then you must pay the man Rs100(even if you don’t return) because there is no guarantee that he will get any passenger for the station at that late hour. This is fantastic.
And what about the pickpockets who sit in crowded tempos with the connivance of the drivers? They are known to have picked the pockets of innocent passengers and thereafter shared the loot with the drivers.
That is why it is stressed that first the  Tempo Association should enforce its own dress code on the drivers as was agreed upon much before even the Maha Kumbh started last year. Why is it that those assurances are not fulfilled?
And here is a request to the RTO too.  Why is the dress code not enforced? Why is every Tom, Dick and Harry allowed to drive any and every tempo? Are the tempos above law? 

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