Sunday, February 25, 2018
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A radio listener has appealed to Mr Manjul Verma, station incharge of All India Radio Allahabad, to instil some common sense among their announcers who are deputed to take care of the FM channel. It is true that this is a revenue-earning channel and advertisements are bound to be there.

But that should alert the announcers to inform about any announcement that might have been swallowed by the advertisement.
I agree with the listener. What happens is that when the Mumbai announcer is announcing the name of the film from which a song is to be played or was played, a local ad is imposed. But the local comperes can listen to that announcement. They should note the name of the film and  subsequently, while  restoring the relay, can say that the song being played is from such and such film. I recall their senior announcer Murli used to extend that courtesy to listeners. If Murli could do it why not others. The announcers waste  time by saying, ‘You are listening to ‘Bhoole bisre Geet’ programme from Vividh Bharati ‘. We know that . But if  instead they were to say that the song being played is from film ‘Rattan’, then many listeners who may not be knowing that the song ‘Akhiyan milake jiya bharma ke chale nahin jaana’ was from film Rattan, sung by Zohra Bai of Ambala, tuned by Naushad and written by D,N,Madhok would get the information. A little bit of effort on their part would satisfy the curiosity of listeners.
You may wonder why I am asking about all this. This is because there are many readers of the Patrika who think I have all the details about vintage songs on the tips of my fingers. So they immediately ring me up and ask: ‘From which film is this song?’ When I ask them, ‘Why are you ringing me up?’ The reply I get is ‘because when   details were being announced the local announcer  imposed an ad’. I am sure Manjul will appreciate this.



#1 Prashant 2017-06-07 06:32
चैनल अपना काम बेहतर कर रहा है.............
और बेहतर करे

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