Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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There are plans for introducing metered water supply in Allahabad too. I think that would in the long run be beneficial because there are many households which receive water in trickles most of the time. On rare occasions do we get water in full pressure.

  In that case the number of units consumed may be very small. There may be thousands of households where the supply is rare and scanty. But they are being charged in full. This will stop in their cases.

The public would also demand that they should not be forced to pull water with the help of pressure pumps as these consume plenty of power. Who will compensate for this? If we don’t get water at full pressure, who is to blame? Not the consumer. If people are robbing water through’Katia’, who is to blame? Not the consumer.
If the Government installs water meters it must also order installation of a mini meter attached to the water-pulling  electrically-run pump so that at the end of the month the cost on power drawn exclusively for pulling water might be suitably calculated. Thereafter this amount should be deducted from the water bill and then the payment made. That would be a fair deal.

 Why should consumers suffer for the failure of the water authorities to supply  the essential commodity without any let or hindrance?
Enormous quantity of water is being wasted through leakages in pipelines all over the city. Will the authorities concerned tell us where those bottles have gone?Do give us water through a metered system. At the same time also  repair  your leaking pipelines which have become a menace.

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