Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Tempo Allahabad

The tempo menace will continue because the police seem to be least bothered about taming them.  They have all the time in the world to lathi-charge innocent boys, raid their hostels and send some to jail but have no time to trap the hoodlums who have infiltrated into the Tempo profession.

The Tempo Association is keen on raising the fares. But has it cared to discipline the drivers? And how can they be disciplined when there is no basis to even identify them?
The RTO should make surprise checks to nab drivers who are driving the vehicles without a regular license and are also not carrying the necessary documents. The drivers who do not keep a license and other documents are no doubt committing a big offence. But who is permitting them to do so?  Obviously it is the police. Its duty is to ensure that every driver wears a uniform with his name inscribed on it.
The Tempo Association during the days of former traffic SP  Uday Shankar Jaiswal, had agreed to a code of conduct that had been evolved for these three wheelers. But none of the recommendations has been fulfilled.   Let the uniform code be enforced. Once that happens, the irritants will disappear. Henceforth the traffic police should enforce the law to ensure that the tempo drivers do not drive recklessly. They must charge reasonable fares. They must also ensure that they do not carry more passengers than fixed.
The tempos may be given the option of charging those passengers more who carry huge bags with them.  Sometimes there is great difficulty in accommodating even two fat persons on a seat. But the tempos insist that they will have four even if that means some youngsters sitting in the laps of the elders.  Let there be some sort of flexibility so that normal-size passengers are not made uncomfortable and those who are lean and thin do not have to suffer with fat passengers surrounding them.

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