Thursday, January 18, 2018
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The Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court, Mr Justice  D.Y.Chandrachud, gave some valuable tips at a meeting of UP Judicial Workers Union the other day. He was given a gala welcome and presented a grand garland that was of quite an extraordinary size.

  The welcome was indeed fabulous but the CJ had some valuable advice to give on the occasion. He said that while the flowers  have their own importance he nevertheless felt that instead of spending on garlands so lavishly  to welcome a guest the same money could be  gifted for purchasing books to   a bright and promising daughter of a colleague. The money would thus be put to a good use.  The CJ also told the gathering that he could understand that denial of promotions shatters the morale of the staff. But he added at the same time that promotion should not be to merely occupy the chair of an officer. It should be accompanied by a resolve to do extra work with a sense of responsibility and dedication.
Mr Justice Chandrachud said  one can see that social changes are rapidly  coming and that we should not be apprehensive of any change. He said that doors for negotiations were always open to solve the workers’ problems. He mentioned that one has to be patient because from the district level to the state level the problems are enormous in number. He said people should listen to each other in order to thrash out a solution.
 One finds freshness in the valuable tips that the Chief Justice has given to all concerned. One therefore hopes that people will give serious thought to his suggestions, especially in respect of garlands and flowers.

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