Saturday, February 17, 2018
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The police act in haste and then repent at leisure. There was no point in showing their high-handedness against soft targets like students. A student or two might have erred.

But most of the boys arrested by the cops seemed to be innocent. By no stretch of imagination could the police justify their crude and unpardonable behaviour in belabouring even those students who were busy studying in their classes—and that too right in the presence of their teachers!  These  cops did not even listen to the pleas of the teachers and are said to have roughed up some of them.
Such incidents cannot be justified, cannot be condoned either. The higher authorities can easily identify the cops using their lathis inside classrooms and take action against them. Unless such inhuman acts are punished in an exemplary manner, how can we be sure that the cops will not repeat their horrifying behaviour again and again?

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