Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Has anyone bothered to keep a record of the beggars who keep loitering about with impunity? Even though begging is banned, no one takes the  order seriously. How can one be sure about what the beggars are carrying in the bags that they hang on their shoulders? Their begging bowls could have a false bottom.

There may be a hidden chamber in which an explosive could be hidden and thereafter the bowl could be planted  at a suitable place to go off through a remote control device? The hard-core terrorists will plan something unusual which will not be under suspicion.
It would therefore not be out of place to suggest that beggars should all be given identity cards and none without the card should be allowed entry inside. Something drastic should be planned because the terror mind can go to any extent to outsmart the administration. In the last Ardha Kumbh a news item created a flutter when it was reported that over a dozen women terrorists had entered the Mela. Whether it was a false alarm or the women terrorists, apprehending arrest had kept away could not be known.
And finally a word again about the sadhus who enter without any let or hindrance. Who will suspect a sadhu in the Mela? But movies have shown how some of the villains, dressed as sadhus  were actually dacoits in disguise.  Some of them are known to have kidnapped girls and indulged in betrayal of trust in them by female worshippers. If an Asaram can do it why not others—especially those who might not be sadhus in real life?





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