Saturday, February 17, 2018
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The administration has made foolproof security arrangements to ensure that nothing untoward takes place. But all attention has been focussed on the threat from terrorists. The authorities are keeping a watch on every inch of the Mela. The security personnel have been posted here in thousands and CCTV cameras installed in plenty to keep an eye on any suspicious entrant into the Mela.

  Even so, you must take a few precautions, especially before taking a dip as petty thieves might be prowling round you waiting for you to commit a mistake.. Usually a problem crops up.  Where to keep your clothes and other belongings when you are going to take a dip! I would advise that if you are in a group, all of you should not simultaneously go for a plunge into the river. Leave one pilgrim behind to take care of the clothes, the shoes etc. When one of the others returns after a dip, he should mind the belongings of the  rest and the person keeping guard till then may go for a bath,.
I am issuing this warning because in the past people have been victims of confidence tricksters. There was a case of one Sadhu lost in meditation and people around were keeping their belongings near him for safety. He would beckon them to put them at a particular spot from where they may be visible. You may also like to trust such obliging saints. But sometimes half of those placing their clothes there are his accomplices who build up his reputation as someone who will protect your valuables in your absence.  In the past it so happened that a rich party had trusted such Sadhus and kept their costly clothes, shoes, bags with him. When they returned after a bath they found the Sadhu gone and so too their belongings! They were without clothes, shivering in the cold. How they managed to face the crisis is another matter. What I wish to  tell you is: Don’t trust strangers because  whom you think is a saint may turn out to be a devil in the garb of a Sadhu. What I am alerting you against is not the genuine sadhus but the fake ones who also come to the mela to carry on their nefarious game.
And please ensure that you do not lose sight of your children because kidnappers also keep on prowling in the area. They kidnap boys to turn them into beggars or sell them as bonded slaves and the girls they sell to the Madams of the Red Light area. And also beware of Asa Rams!

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