Thursday, January 18, 2018
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You must be recalling this melodious cry of Lata Mangeshkar in film Nagin, playing back for Vyjantimala who was calling out to her lover Pradeep Kumar. This plea is certainly to Pradeep Kumar but not to Pradeep Kumar the actor(who is no more) but to Pradeep Kumar the Nagar Ayukta,  I am quoting these lines not to relive those melodious moments of mid fifties but to address the civic  body chief and draw his immediate attention to the horrible state of our roads in this wet season.

It is to Pradeep Kumar the Nagar Ayukta that the disfigured roads are crying, ‘Mera dil ye pukare aja, mere gham ke sahare aja, bheega bheega hai sama, aise mein hai tu kahan...’ He may say that Nagar Nigam does not look after all roads, that some are taken care of by the PWD, some by the Central PWD and so on, That is true. But since he is the Nagar Ayukta, the public will approach him to ventilate their grievances. He in turn can draw the attention of the authorities concerned to take prompt action in the matter and provide relief to the citizens—especially the millions of people who are coming and will continue to come to Allahabad for a holy dip on different bathing days.
 We might not have had torrential rains. But the city has endured light showers which have made life miserable for the users of those roads which have again been dug up for laying sewer lines at some places   or have collapsed at other places or  got damaged despite the repairs and consequently the gaping potholes  easily can trap any one any moment in this foggy and cloudy weather if he or she is careless whether on foot or on a two wheeler. I would like to stress that  it is most essential for vehicle drivers of all variety to be extra cautious while driving on wet roads. The first and foremost thing for them to do is to avoid getting heavily drunk before taking to the wheels. A drunken driver may be used to negotiating difficult turns on the known roads through sheer instinct if not habit. But when the rains  cause water accumulation at some spots due to  poor and deplorable drainage system, then driving becomes a skilful art which a drunk driver cannot easily practice.

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