Sunday, February 25, 2018
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The next thing to remember is that you must drive slowly through the  muddy, slippery roads and streets. Fog  may cover your windscreen so that it  does not remain constantly clear despite the best mechanical gadget that you may be having.

In that case it would be better to halt the car than to go into a depressed portion of the road where the water level may be higher than the height of your wheels. In that case you may be stranded midstream, so to speak. Those on two wheelers have to face the onslaught direct. They have the helmet on and the transparent screen soon is covered by water drops. That makes visibility very poor. Hence it would be better to upturn the transparent cover  so that your vision is not obstructed.  But be very careful while riding through  fog  as  poor visibility even in daytime may trap you or trip you and you may have a bone-breaking fall.

Remember that on our roads there are not just pot-holes but even what we may say craters of big size and small. When under a sheet of water, they are not visible. These are extremely dangerous spots which can put you into trouble. Therefore, if for emergency reasons you have to go on a new road be extra careful because you never know where a submerged pothole or a crater might be waiting for you.. Then there are spots where, in dry season,  vehicles have to stop, specially at the crossings, waiting for the okay signal from the traffic cop. The stopping vehicle often drops some oily substance there which is absorbed by the road. But some experts believe that when there is a very heavy rainfall this oily substance comes on the surface and makes the road oily. This dangerously adds to the risk of your vehicle skidding. Even otherwise, the cattle-droppings make the roads very slippery. On dark nights and unlighted streets these spots are not visible. Therefore it is safer to go slow. And remember on dark roads, when visibility is very poor and your headlight is not much of a help,  you may bump into a buffalo resting majestically in the middle of the road.

When on a highway, the general tendency is to speed up. What one fails to anticipate is when a buffalo or a cyclist comes from nowhere to disturb the equilibrium. Accidents take place on such occasions. If you go slow it would be easy to apply the brakes which otherwise may not prove to be very effective in wet weather. Therefore keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the truck ahead of you. And don't try to overtake a truck in this wet weather because even if you drive flawlessly and the driver of the vehicle ahead is also cooperating fully you know not the state of the edges of the road. They may give way under the weight of your vehicle and the rest of the tragedy may follow. Remember it is difficult to apply brakes on a wet road.

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