Thursday, January 18, 2018
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There is no end to the encroachment menace in Allahabad. No road is free from it. Even when spots notorious for   such outrages have been highlighted in the press, nothing worthwhile has been done on permanent basis to clear the footpaths of the encroachments.

In this connection the citizens will wholeheartedly welcome the directive given by Chief Justice Mr D.Y.Chandrachud and Mr Justice Dilip Gupta to the District Magistrate to submit a report on the situation to the court in three months. The Court admitted a petition in which some details about encroachments on Government land had been given. The Court has stated that an inquiry should be conducted and if the reports are found to be correct, action  must  be taken and encroachments should be removed under any circumstances.
An easy way for the DM would be to call for the ADA maps and tally the constructions with the details as cleared in the map. Action may be taken accordingly. But this should not be the end of the story. Those officials in the ADA, under whose jurisdiction the encroached-upon areas  fall, should also be hauled up for not taking action against the defaulters.
Then there are temporary encroachments which are worse than permanent ones because there is no end to the limit to which they can stretch. I am talking about the building material that is dumped on the roadsides on the footpaths, narrowing down the width of the roads and leaving no space for pedestrians. Times without number this menace has been highlighted in the press but nothing concrete has been done on permanent basis to ensure that these are removed and never reappear again. This menace of ‘re-appearance’ has now become a big joke. The encroachments are removed for the sake of record. But no follow-up action is taken to ensure that these do not return. The result is that soon the encroachers are back after feeding the demon of corruption.
We would also like to especially mention about the menace of roadside car repair squads. They do not stay there overnight or on holidays. But on working days they don’t just gobble up the footpaths but also substantial portion of the road as well. One such chronic spot is the Elgin Road-Sardar Patel Marg crossing  where close-by on Elgin Road (facing Wheelers Company) car mechanics are seen occupying footpaths, even portions of the road, unmindful of the  traffic jam that they are causing. Why the hell does the traffic police allow this to go on is a mystery. The traffic cops go and waste their time in schools, giving lectures to boys and girls when their teachers are more competent to do so. Why don’t they, instead, go round the city and convince such temporary encroachers to  quit failing which severe action would be taken against them? This is the minimum that they can do. Will they?

Anticipatory Bail restored in UP

The provision for anticipatory bail has been restored in UP by the Supreme Court  after 37 years. I may mention that late Mr R.K.Shangloo, senior advocate, had, through articles in the Patrika, pleaded several times for the restoration of this provision. How happy he would have been to read this, had he been living.

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