Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Schools were closed till January 18. That was indeed the right step to take or else children, going by trolleys, would have found themselves caught in rain and traffic jam simultaneously. And this could indeed have sent many rushing to hospitals.

But I would request parents to warn their children against fast driving on wet roads. Youngsters on bike seem to get special delight in roaring through the roads at top speed just to show off that they are better riders than their rivals. Some of them get extra kick in passing by girls hostel as if to impress them by their driving prowess or to just show  off their masculine strength. Wet roads will not spare them and instead of reaching destination they may have to land in a hospital.
Even those people who slowly and steadily move on our roads, there is a tip or two which must not be ignored. At night when power is off and their own headlights are not very bright, be very, very careful if you are on a two wheeler. This is because sometimes stray cattle come and occupy any dry portion of a road. A buffalo is hardly visible. If you are riding too fast you may dash into the buffalo and fall down. The panicky buffalo may try to flee and crush you under its weight while escaping towards its own herd.
I know of some elderly people who stir out early morning for the twin purpose of having a walk and also fetching pure milk from the milkman who milks the cow or the buffalo in their presence. They had better give up doing so for a day or two till the weather clears off. There is no point in going out even with an umbrella as one may not notice a pothole that might have appeared there only some minutes back because of the weight of a passing petrol tanker! This pothole may  prove to be dangerous. It could also result in a fall.
Many people, accustomed to personally buying milk pouches from roadside shops may find that the shopkeeper has not opened his shop early. That could indeed act as a setback because those who stir out early to get the pouches are disappointed. They have to wait. If they go late they often learn that all stocks have been sold out. Gone are the  days when the milkman with his can would knock at your door and the servant would take milk delivery from him. But what can we do? If modern life has given us comforts  it has also brought in  its wake some inconveniences which cannot be avoided. The only silver lining is that such setbacks occur only once in a while.

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