Thursday, January 18, 2018
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The heavy and unexpected rain  in winter left everyone unprepared if not stunned and baffled. And because of the cumulative neglect or bad handling  of our  chronic civic  problems we found normal life completely paralysed for many hours.

  Everyone appeared to be helpless- the citizens, the administration, the traders as well as the leaders. At such a juncture to burn effigy of the Nagar Ayukta was to turn one’s face away from the bitter reality. Why don’t we realize that it was a sort of emergency that was not expected. A deluge in  cold weather, when one expects to bask in the sunshine  of winter, was  not apprehended at all.
This emergency imposed by nature’s havoc should serve as a lesson. Problems  will have to be tackled by  joint efforts of all—the Nagar Nigam, the ADA, the  District Administration and above all the citizens themselves. Accountability for what happened, why it happened, whether it could have been prevented, whether warnings were heeded or not—are all peacetime questions which undoubtedly will have to be raised—and answered as well, Things cannot be allowed to move on as they have been doing so for the past several decades. While remedial measures should start in full swing, the authorities should issue a statement on why these things have been happening and how these can be prevented. Enough is enough. The people must come forward not when things go out of hands but much before and compel the authorities to look into civic matters that require immediate attention. In case  the administration fails, one won’t be surprised if someone files a PIL in the High Court to demand justice for the citizens who have been suffering on account of the failure of the administration to deal with problems related to water supply, drainage, encroachments, illegal  constructions , corruption  in road-building-cum-repair works and other crucial issues, The administration must be told that these problems have to be tackled on war footing and not in a leisurely manner.

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