Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Dr R.K.Kapoor. leading homoeopath, has warned parents to protect children from this terribly unusual cold that has taken everyone by surprise. He also cautioned the elders to be extra careful in this uncertain weather.

Dr Kapoor says that mothers usually don’t  take things seriously. If a child coughs and sneezes they try home remedies and think that all will be well. Dr Kapoor says that these home remedies undoubtedly work  but not when an ailment persists. And in the case of kiddies neglected cold and fever could take the shape of pneumonia. Before that stage comes the ailment should be nipped in the bud by rushing the child to the  nearest doctor. I asked him whether the weather had affected the situation. He replied: ‘Yes, it certainly has. During these  rainy days patients could not stir out of their houses. How could they when it was continuously raining?’ He said the attendance was thin on rainy days.
Dr Kapoor warned the elderly to be cautious as this is the season when joint pains increase and those suffering from respiratory problems  complain about breathlessness. ‘Let them not stir out in this cold. But if they do they must be thoroughly protected by woollens.’ 

I asked him, ‘Sir, in case of an emergency whom is one to rush to-- to a homoeopath or an allopath or a Hakim or a Vaidya’. He replied: ‘This is not the time to raise controversies but to give immediate attention to the patient. Don’t delay’.

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