Thursday, January 18, 2018
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The police are also going to scan the record of all those people who have been caught in petty crimes like chain snatching, picking pockets or bike thefts during the last five years. They would like to know what these people are doing today.

Have they given up their old habits and are now living as law abiding citizens or are they still continuing with their nefarious activities.  This too is a well-planned strategy. But it is not free from risks as well.
How can one be certain that some cops of the area may not be blackmailing even those who have turned over a new leaf and asking them to pay some sort of ‘hafta’ to keep them safe from any harassment even if they are living the life of a law abiding citizen? This is one side of the coin. There is the other side too. Some shady characters could be on good terms with the cops.  The underworld knows how to keep police off the scent. The SSP will first have to ensure that the feedback he is getting about his own staff  is accurate. It is an open secret that cops in many cases are in league with the shady characters. They might have nabbed them in the past in a few cases and thus their names got listed among the petty criminals. But thereafter  they might have changed their strategy and  given them the freedom to pursue their goals but only on the condition that the cop concerned gets his share to look the  other way round. This possibility cannot be ruled out. Let not a reformed criminal of the past   be implicated because he has not obliged a corrupt cop and let a crook not escape because of his contacts with someone who has tainted the Khakhi.,
If such drives are to be fair and successful, they should not be left to a group of cops. Instead, the report given by the mohalla police should be cross checked by cops or intelligence people from another area. For all that one knows the local cop might be implicating some one who has never committed even a petty crime just because he has been instigated against him by someone who has a vested interest in putting the neighbour to embarrassment. And how the constable can be ‘induced’ to do so is not difficult to guess!

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